Our Team

Little Bean Productions’ goal is to produce strategic media projects to raise awareness social justice, food politics, public health, and environmental stewardship. We honor the story and the subjects using cinema verité techniques resulting in memorable, relatable content.

Shelley Rogers

A keen-eyed storyteller & media maker, Shelley Rogers has a passion for organic and socially just food systems. Shelley grew up in rural East Tennessee and has a Master’s degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Smith College. She believes it is our social responsibility as citizens in a democracy to stand up for our right to live in a healthy environment and have access to diverse, independent media.

Marty Mesh

Marty Mesh helped pioneer organic farming in the US. He has been an advocate for sustainable and socially just food systems for over 30 years. Over the past twelve years, he has teamed up with his wife, Shelley Rogers, to produce strategic video projects to raise awareness and put farmer voices at the forefront.

Ursula Carrasco
Ursula Carrasco is a freelance video editor and producer. She holds a master’s degree in Film and Television Production from the University of Bristol, UK where her teams graduate film was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award. Ursula has worked on producing video for several food-related projects, including The Rye Bread Project, Hungry New York, and Southern SARE, and has assisted with the documentary film “What’s Organic About Organic?“. She is also writing her first children’s poetry book.

Georg Pedersen
Georg Pedersen is a graphic artist and visual communicator living in Brooklyn, NY. Broadly described, his job is making ideas more accessible through visual means. Within the 2-d realm he is a jack-of-all-trades, working for clients as an animator, interactive designer, illustrator, print and promotional designer, web developer, and logo and icon designer. Georg is currently working on Drawn Stories, a project that takes interesting ideas and stories and turns them into documentary animations. He is part of a Brooklyn-based supper club, enjoys riding his bike, drinking tea, and fantasy baseball.

Claire Hartten
Claire Hartten, co-founder of Green Rabbits, is an integrative sitopian designer, special projects developer, strategic advisor and educator. She is a founding faculty member of the new program, MFA Products of Design, at SVA in New York City where she teaches on Design for Sustainability and Resilience, a course which is focused on solutions involving food and agriculture.